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Christmas Ecards and Games for Business

As Christmas draws ever closer, it's the ideal time to start thinking about your animated Christmas ecards and games from Winter Wishes. Our products create a perfect opportunity to market your company to your existing clients or new sales prospects, as well as being a great way to 'touch base' in a fun and memorable way!

With over twenty one years experience in the Christmas sector, we consider ourselves experts in all things festive and the leading provider of Christmas ecards and games

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Along with bespoke ecards and games we also offer a full catalogue of rebranded versions at discounted rates.
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Why should you choose Winter Wishes for your company Christmas ecards and games?

ALL CULTURES catered for

Do you require an eCard or game that appeals to all religions and cultures? No problem! We've produced many products that are careful to observe cultural sensitivities.

Name your style

Whether it's a comedy filled cartoon or a professionally styled corporate message, Winter Wishes can deliver! Simply speaking we can do 'turkeys' as well as we can do 'twinkles'!

We're iOS friendly!

This ensures that all users will be able to view your festive ecard or game, whether they are on a desktop, laptop, iPad, iPhone or any other mobile device!

Christmas E-Cards for Desktop and Mobile Devices

Are you looking for a fun and effective way to reach out to your customers and clients? Whether you are simply looking to touch base over the holiday period and wish you clients well, or show your appreciation for their business, Winter Wishes can provide the perfect solution! We produce bespoke and rebranded Christmas ecards in UK and we also have a worldwide reach, with many happy clients and recipients around the globe.

Christmas Greeting Cards for All Devices

The cards and games we create for your business are 100% compatible with all modern devices such as desktop and laptop computers, Android and iOS devices, and just about any other mobile device you can name! We do this by using HTML5 and video technologies - proven to work on the devices that your customers are using and thus ensuring your holiday message will reach your audience, regardless of how they choose to view it. We’ve been in the business for over 21 years and have successfully evolved our products alongside the changing technologies, please take a moment to read our glowing customer testimonials that say it far better than we can!

Buy a Unique Electronic Christmas Card or Game for Your Business

Looking for real impact to hit your valued customers with this holiday season? Creating something truly unique and individual sends a fantastic message to your clients and contacts - make it known that they're not just a number to you. By taking advantage of our custom made, fun and festive Christmas e-cards and games you can be sure that your customers will be receiving something completely unique to your business.

As a first step we’ll take a look at what your business does and talk to you about your customers, then decide together on the best approach in terms of style and message that we’d recommend. The next step is to put together a list of ideas that we think will be a good fit with your business, what best incorporates your branding and any other content you wish to include. For example, many clients ask us to mention a charity they have been supporting all year, others want to include an element of marketing and promotion. Christmas is the perfect excuse to make contact with your clients/customers – why not let them know if you’ve won an industry award? You could even incorporate your products in creative way that will differentiate your company from the crowd.

Send Xmas eCards on a Budget with our Rebranded Service

Have you got a smaller budget this year? Not a problem! In order to cater for our clients who have fewer recipients, or who simply can't justify the expense of our bespoke service we also offer a second option - rebranded cards and games. Essentially this means we use one of our existing products from a previous year and then customise it for you. This is a more affordable option that stills allow you total control over how the final product appears - incorporating your branding, colours, logo, company name, messages, products and urls too.